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How to maintain the electric pipe drain cleaning machine?

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How to maintain the electric pipe drain cleaning machine?

Issue Time:2019-06-17

How to maintain the electric pipe drain cleaning machine?

Electric pipe drain cleaning machine, often used to dredge the sewer, is the current property area indispensable tools. Let’s learn together the correct use of this method.

1.    During using the drain cleaning machines, we need to pay attention to control the pressure. The pressure should not be too high during the operation, as long as can ensure the normal crawling of the dredging pipe, but also cannot add other external forces.

2.    We should choose the appropriate electric pipe drain cleaning machine. What counts is make sure the cable length you need to insert into the pipeline.

3.    After use, do not put the machine at random. We need do cleaning job on the machine, the internal parts and power lines.

4.    To ensure the normal lubrication of the main engine, the lubricating oil should be fixed on time.

5.    Check the health condition of the machine regularly.

6.    Maintain the machine quarterly.

7.    If the electric pipe drain cleaning machine is to be used after a long period of time, the overall inspection of the machine should be conducted before use to see if the machine is normal.

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