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How to use a drain cleaning machine?

How to use a drain cleaning machine?
Issue Time:2019-05-27

How to use a drain cleaning machine?

Firstly, we have to know the application of drain cleaning machines: 

Sewage pipes indoors and outdoors


Squatting pot and toilets

Floor drain

Wash basin

Bathtub and shower room

Then, we should know how to use manual drain cleaner tools.

In our daily life, we faced to the problem that the closestool and toilets were blocked. We always chose to call drain cleaning worders for help. It it so expensive each time.

You can buy manual drain cleaning tool for household from hardware store. The price is 10 yuan -20 yuan. Comparing with calling for professional company dredge drain cleaning 100-300 yuan each time , it is much cheaper. 

Actually in the front of the manual drain cleaning tool there is a hook. in the middle there is an iron wire spring cable and at the end there is a handle. When using the drain cleaner, put the front into the toilet or sewer, clockwise the handle, swinging the hands with dredging machine front-end, if feel spring front hook touch something, or being entangled, shows the toilet blockage hook, then you should be slowly heaved the dredging machine. Your toilet or sewer is unclogged!

How to use electric drain cleaning machines?

Professional dredge company generally use electric drain cleaning machines. Electri ones are much more powerful and they work efficient.

Insert cable into the machine, in the case of ensuring all aspects are safe, open the power switch, and then hand pressure clutch lever, drain cleaning machine can be the soft shaft lock and belt

Move the cable to rotate, loosen the clutch handle, and then the cable will stop rotating

According to the different characteristics of pipeline blockage, electric drain cleaning machine is generally equipped with a variety of drill cutters.

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