From small residential clogs to heavy-duty municipal lines, MAMBA builds drain cleaners that can handle any type of service. From sinks to sewers, we make the right tool for every drain cleaning job.
A75 Sectional Drain Cleaner
  • For 3/4”to 4” (19mm-100mm) Drain Lines
  • For sinks, shower and floor drain machine.
  • Strong gear box.
  • Flexible combination and cutters.
  • Approved by CE.
A150 Sectional Drain Cleaner
  • For 3/4”to 6 (19mm-150mm)Drain Lines
  • Work on Baths, wash basins, toilets, kitchens downpipes.
  • 750W powerful motor.
  • Die-cast aluminum frame: Distortion-resistant and extremely light
  • Approved by CE.
A200 Sectional Drain Cleaner
  • For 2”to 8” (50mm-200mm) Drain Lines
  • Suit for municipal projects
  • Powerful motor for larger pipe drain cleaning
  • Approved by CE.
Drill head
  • Drop Head Auger
    For cleaning back to back mounted fixtures e.g . , sinks where cable needs to be led into down pipe.
  • Straight Auger
    For use in exploring and breaking up stoppages or returning sample to surface to determine correct tool.
  • Funnel Auger
    For use in as second tool in line.Breaks up remains of stoppage left by straight auger.
  • Retrieving Auger
    For specially designed tool with a claw for retrieving textiles, tools, cables, etc..
  • Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter
    For blockages caused by hardened,glazed material such as chemical deposits.
  • Spade Cutter
    For following up after auger have been used and to open up floor drains.
  • Grease Cutter
    For lines which have become badly greased with detergents and have to be opened.
  • Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter
    Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter:For clearing any stoppage,roots,rags,sticks,etc.
  • Greasa”C”Cutter
    For grease blockage in lines leading from garbage disposal unit or waste pipe.
  • Bullb Auger
    The most common tool for cleaning pipes and drains with tight or multiple bends.
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