CNC Processing
HONGLI invests a lot of energy and financial resources to purchase professional CNC processing equipment. The introduction of CNC equipment greatly reduces the turnaround time between processes of semi-finished products, improves production efficiency and ensures processing accuracy. Processing the same work piece with same machine tools, under the same processing conditions and processing procedures, the work pieces are exactly the same. Gears, machine body castings, and cable cutter couplings are processed here, so the quality is stable.
Test Laboratory
Hongli's product quality management system
For Hongli, the quality of the drain cleaning machine is the foundation for the group's reputation and marketing.
We understand deeply that the quality of the drain cleaning machine is not only in conformity with the industry standards, local standards and national standards, but also as close as possible to the international standards. Only in this way can the core competitiveness of the product be promoted and the product brand come out of the country and move towards the international market.
Therefore, Hongli makes great efforts to adapt to the requirements of the development of the present times, truly based on the market economy, and strengthen the publicity of the standard of product quality management system, in order to promote the quality management awareness of the enterprise greatly. In addition, we also organize training for the relevant employees regularly in order to promote the quality of quality management. To improve the overall quality of the staff, the quality of products has been greatly improved.
  • Gear Measuring Machine
  • Gear Measuring Machine
  • Surveying Machines with Three Coordinates
  • Surface Roughness Meter
Company Preview
1.1 Company Chart
1.2 Employee Headcount
Deaprtment name Full Time Employee(s) Part-Time Employee(s) Total
GM 1 0 1
Vice GM 1 0 1
Production Dept. 174 0 174
R&D Dept. 15 0 15
Quality Dept. 15 0 15
Sales Dept. 15 0 15
Finance Dept. 6 0 6
Purchasing Dept. 6 0 6
Admin Dept. 10 0 10
Total Number 243 0 243
1.3 Quality Management System and Product Certification
Certification Certified By Certificate No. Business Scope Expiry Date
ISO9001:2015 Beijing TIRT Certification Center 04818Q40183RIM Design, Development, Production and Related Management Activities of pipe machineries 7/April./2018 -- 1/Feb./2021
CE Alberk QA Uluslararasi Teknik QA/AC-3576-18 Drain Cleaning Machine & A75,A150,A200 27/April./2018 -- 27/April. /2023
1.4 Quality Control Management
  Content Requirements
1.41 Is there quality control on all production lines? All production lines have adequate quality control
1.42 Do the QA/QC inspectors work independently from the production line? YES
1.43 How many QA/QC inspectors in total? 15
1.5 After Sales Service
  Content Requirements
1.51 Is customer feedback, including complaints, clearly recorded and maintained? Yes, with a standard feedback form and records
1.52 Are there any clear procedures for handling customer complaints? Yes, with clear procedures and written records
1.53 Is there a closed-loop corrective action system in place? YES
1.54 Can finished/packaged products be traced by lot identification to the appropriate raw material test reports? Yes, main raw material can be traced
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